Full Time - U.S.

Isaac Chen, Ph.D.

Graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in the United States. Current President of GETS Theological Seminary.

Publications: "Kingdom Theology", "Old Testament Theology and information"; editor of" soul Aspects.

Expertise: Systematic Theology, Old Testament.

David Hsu, Th.M.

Graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in the U.S.

Many years of pastoral experience and planting churches. Teaching and administrative experience in seminaries

Expertise: New Testament theology.

Ian Sun, Ph.D.

PhD of Peking University. Former professor and church elder. Research areas are Reformation and the history of modern theological thoughts. The teaching courses include "History of Christian Thought", "History of the Christian Church", "Systematic Theology", "Selected Readings of Christian Classics", and "Theology of Spirituality". The published works include The Single Individual (2004), Introduction to Bible, Beijing (2005),Towards the Way of the Sanctifying: On Calvin’s Institute (2015) Visiting scholar in Regent College of Canada, in ISCS of HK, in University of Helsinki, and in Calvin College.

Sarah Zhang, Ph.D.

Graduated from the Princeton Theological Seminary.

Served as the seminary Old Testament associate professor, and participated in the editing and translation of the Chinese Bible.

Publication: I, You and the Word "God“

Expertise: Old Testament studies.

Ming-Sun Pu, Ph.D.

Graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in the U.S.

Many years of experience in the missionary field

Expertise: missiology

Patricia Huang, Ph.D. Candidate

Graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in the United States.

Have taught in seminaries more than a decade, with twenty different subjects. Served in ministry of the church, mainly in education, group and worship ministry.

Expertise: New Testament studies.

M.C. Leung, Ph.D. Candidate

Ph.D. Candidate, graduated from Dallas Baptist University. He teaches leadership and spiritual growth for many years. He has participated in church pastoral position, church administrative services, student ministry, and teaching ministry. He has spoken in leadership and spiritual formation seminars for many years in various places. Expertise: leadership, practical theology, spiritual journal. He is the director of Leadership Research Center of GETS.

Expertise: Leadership

Joyce Chen, D.Min.

Graduated from Asbury Seminary in the United States.


Expertise: Spirituality

Shi-Min Lu, Ph.D.

Graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in the U.S.

Many years of experience in missions and church ministry.

Expertise: Missiology

Sunny Wang, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Durham University, UK

Publications: Sense Perception and Testimony in the Gospel According to John.(2017)

Expertise: New Testament theology,  New Testament studies, Greek

Part Time

Leonard Dai, Ph.D.

Purdue University

Philosophy, Systematic Theology, Apologetics


Victor Yap, D.Min.

Trinity International University

Practical Theology, Expository Preaching

Daniel Li, Ph.D.

University of South Africa

Christianity and Chinese Culture

C.P. Mak, Th.M.

University of Aberdeen

New Testament

Matt Won, Ph.D.

Princeton Theological Seminary


James Chai, Ph.D.

Luther Seminary


David Doong, Ph.D.

Fuller Theological Seminary

Practical Theology

Alex Io-Heng Chi, Ph.D.

Peking University


Tim Xu, D.Min.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


John Road, Ph.D.

Graduated from Trinity Theological Trinity International University in the United States.

Publication: Bounded and Centered Set Theory in the wirints of Paul Hiebert, Korean American Immigrant church in mission.

Expertise: Missiology, Spiritual strategy and leadership.

Stephen Zhang, D.Min.

Luther Rice Seminary


Evan Chen, M.Div.

Fuller Theological Seminary

Church Music & Worship

Esther Liu, Ph.D.

Fuller Theological Seminary

Practical Theology

Andrew Loke, Ph.D.

King’s College

Apologetics/Historical Theology

Mark Ger, D.Min.

Logos Evangelical Seminary


Timothy Pan, Ph.D.

Fuller Theological Seminary


Benson Wang, Ph.D.

Claremont Graduate University

Church History

Benjamin Lin, D.Min.

Denver Seminary

Practical Theology

Kurt Teng, D.Min.

Biblical Theological Seminary

Pastoral Theology, Exegetical Preaching