Master of Arts in Christian Studies (M.A.C.S.)

  • Direct Instruction

    Degree program duration: minimum 2 years, maximum 7 years. In order to ensure a communal education experience, students shall spend at least one year on campus for full-time study.

  • Distance Learning

    The program must be completed in 2-3 years. All instructions are conducted online. 

  • Purpose

    The Master of Arts in Christian Studies program is designed to prepare students who have a calling from or a heart for the Lord to participate in full-time or part-time ministries in local churches, missions, or para-church organizations with a focus on certain professional ministry, such as teaching and counseling. This degree is a specialized ministry program designed for people who are exploring the possibility that they are gifted for and called to the service of God. The curriculum covers the basic areas of theology, biblical studies and ministry.

  • Goal

    Graduates from this program are expected to achieve the following:

    1. To form strong spiritual life and character.
    2. To pursue understanding of God and attain basic knowledge of biblical theological studies with needed ministry skills.
    3. To discover and develop their God-given gifts, and to acquire and develop ability for serving in their specific contexts.
  • Admission Qualification
    1. A bachelor or higher degree from a four-year university or Bible college/seminary with a GPA of 2.7 (B- or 80%) or above.
    2. Had been converted and baptized for at least two years.
    3. Two recommendations from church pastors or leaders to demonstrate personal and spiritual maturity.
    4. Complete the admission application form
    5. Pass the Seminary entrance tests of biblical and theological knowledge.
    6. Proof for English proficiency. We require minimum TOEFL score of 450/45(TOEFL iBT). Applicants with a Bachelor or higher degree from an English institution are exempt from this requirement.
    7. For Non-Native Chinese applicants, we require proof of Chinese proficiency to meet our course language requirement and need for future ministry.
    8. We do not offer or accept any Ability-to-benefit Exam.
  • Graduation Requirements

    Students are required to complete 60 semester units. The passing grade point average is 2.7(B-) or above.

  • Course Curriculum

    Course Curriculum(PDF)

  • Degree Course Content (60 Units)
  • Biblical Studies (24 units)
  • Church History & Theology (21 units)
  • Practical Theology (15 units)
  • Field Education (0 units)