About Library


          GETS Library was founded in 2018. Currently, it has over 26,000 volumes of Christian and theological books in both Chinese and English, 60+ journals, 4 theological research databases, and more than 500 theological theses. To support the establishment of the Institute of Chinese Culture and Christianity on campus, GETS Library has collected more than 5,000 titles in Chinese literature, history, and philosophy as a special collection. Continually, the library plans to purchase more Chinese and English e-books, e-journals, and other online databases and electronic resources on theological and Christian studies to support the research and study of GETS faculty and students around the world.


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  • Address: 412 E. Rowland Street               
  •                Covina, CA 91723 (Bldg. A, 1F)
  • Phone Number: (626) 339-4228 ext. 108
  • Fax Number: (626) 339-4453
  • Email address: library@mygets.org
  • Ask a Librarian: tiffanyh@mygets.org 


  Library Floor Plan                                                                                          

Main Collection Hall & Work Rooms Reference & Periodical Room and Special Collection Room