Services & Facilities

    • Library Collection & Facilities

GETS Library provides open-shelved display for its general and special collections, references, and periodicals, allowing readers to freely choose and read in the library. The Library also provides personal research areas, a group discussion room and a multimedia room for patrons to use.

    • Reference Services

GETS Library provides inquiry assistance regarding searches on books, periodicals, also Information services and usage assistance on research databases and e-resources.

    • Library Research & Guide to Writing a Research Paper
      • Selecting Your Topic
        • (These Statement)
        •  (Main Concepts)
        • (Keywords)
      • Understanding Keywords & Developing Search Strategies
        • 使用字典、百科全書等參考工具查詢關鍵字詞之定義,並了解相關之中、英同義詞彙,進而獲致更多關鍵字詞
        • 使用所有關鍵字詞,運用布林邏輯(AND/OR/NOT)訂定查詢策略,以利查詢有關主題之書籍、期刊或論文等參考文獻
      • Finding Books
  • 使用Koha 圖書館系統鍵入關鍵字詞查詢本館館藏並借閱
  • 利用WorldCat 或其他書目網站鍵入關鍵字詞查詢,或利用公共圖書館及對社區開放之大學研究所等學術圖書館查詢借閱
      • Finding Articles
        • 中文: 使用期刊文獻索引,鍵入中文關鍵字詞查詢,如: 建道編製之中文基督教期刊索引;  Ebscohost ATLAS PLUS
        • 英文: 透過 Ebscohost ,登入使用帳號與密碼,鍵入英文關鍵字詞,查詢其線上資料庫以獲取期刊文獻全文
      • Finding Other Types of Material
        • Theses & Dissertations
  • 中文: 利用北美及亞洲中文神學院圖書館網站
  • 英文:  利用ProQest
        •  Statistical Materials
      • Citation Help

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