Admission Confirmation

After receiving the admission letter, the applicant must read the articles below and register to start the program

  • Self Evaluation: Due to the rigorous nature of our programs, applicants must understand the seriousness of theological education and the sacrifices one must take, including time, money, and physical strength. Students need to be clear about submission to God's calling and to be willing to make sacrifices, such as, communication with family, time management for business and career, and adjustment of life and emotion. Because of these factors, all applicants must go through an evaluation, interview, and a Bible Knowledge Examination.
  • Program Requirements: All students must complete the application process prior to enrollment (Please see application guideline for detail). For example, when applying to enroll in the M.A. in Christian Studies program, applicants must have already completed the Bachelor unit requirement of 180 quarter units. If the requirement is not met, one must complete the necessary courses prior to admission to the program.
  • Students must be clear when selecting programs; programs cannot be altered at will once enrolled. Students enrolled in Pastoral Degree and Certificate cannot alter programs.
  • Class Prerequisite: All students complete the prerequisites set by each course. This may include a study log, book report, or a per-course examination given during the first lecture. This structure is set up due to the special circumstances of GETS. This requirement will be enforced and there shall be no exception.
  • Class Requirement: Students must complete the application process, submit payment for application fee and tuition, and purchase required books prior to attending classes. Students are expected to be on time and must remain in class for the duration of the class; students are not allowed to skip classes for any reasons. Besides bereavement, sickness, or wedding, students cannot be excused from classes for ministry or personal reasons. Students must turn in assignments before the required deadline set by the instructor.
  • Midterm Evaluation: The Academic office will evaluate student learning periodically. Those who do not meet the set standards will be asked to enroll in a different program. Paid tuition will not be refunded. All outstanding assignments and tuition must be submitted within three months or the course will not be credited.