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⚶ Vision/Purpose

Our Vision is to produce church leaders and theological educators for the global Chinese Church by means of quality theological education.

⚶ Mission

We are committed to achieve our vision by providing biblically-centered theological education through the following means:

  1. To teach Scripture and its principles in our classes and in the students’ personal formation.
  2. To equip students with a servant-heart for the manifold ministries of Christ.
  3. To become a model for prospective theological educators to conduct quality theological education.

✠ Goals

GETS Theological Seminary seeks to build up servants of God and train each of them to:
  • Demonstrate Christian faith and values in public squares
  • Bear witness to abundant life in Christ
  • Lead a life of prayer and reliance on the Holy Spirit
  • Be passionate for the expansion of God's kingdom

✠ Strategies

  1. Prior to the establishment of the US campus, GETS has been offering extension theological courses to local churches.
  2. With the US campus in greater Los Angeles area in place, GETS can conduct regular programs on site. In the course of development, this may become a model for other campuses, especially those located overseas.
  3. GETS plan to set up a library with holdings up to 70,000 volumes, providing learning and research resources for advanced students and scholars in the community.
  4. GETS have faculty members who are well-known theological scholars in the Chinese Christian community. They are committed to high standard of teaching, research and publication in biblical, theological and leadership studies. In additional to teaching at GETS, they are actively involved in church ministries.
  5. GETS offer guidance and support to students who aim to establish theological education programs in their respective local communities upon return to their homelands.
  6. GETS seek a long term partnership with local churches and Christian communities.

✠ Core Values

  • Be faithful and committed to our vision, mission and goals
  • To excel in our work of education, research and publication
  • To establish a culture of integrity throughout our community
  • To serve with love and humility.

Update: 2016/10/17

News & Events

» 12/8/2018 Studies in Romans class by Rev. David Hsu

» 11/17/2018 Biblical Theology class by Dr. Ezekiel Lo

» 10/27/2018 Theological Research Method class by Dr. Joyce Chen

» 9/29/2018 Old Testament Studies class by Dr. Sarah Zhang

» 9/1/2018 Studies in Revelation class by Ezekiel Lo

» 6/16/2018 Systematic Theology I class by Dr. Edwin Lee

» 6/2/2018 Commencement

» 5/22/2018 Spiritual Theology class by Dr. Heather Cheng

» 4/21/2018 Spiritual Theology class by Dr. Sarah Zhang

» 3/3/2018 Spiritual Theology class by Joyce Chen

» 2/3/2018 Studies in Hebrews class by Dr. Kurt Teng

» 1/1/2018 Happy New year!

» 11/4/2017 New Testament Theology class by David Hsu

» 10/3/2017 Perspectives and Leadership Class by Dr. Issac Chen

» 9/16/2017 Studies in the Historical Books Class by Dr. Sarah Zhang

» 9/11/2017 Dr. Edmond Pi's Understanding Mental Health and Mental Disorders workshop has ended. Thanks for your support and participation.

» 9/9/2017 Dr Edmond Pi's Understanding Mental Health and Mental Disorders workshop

» 6/3/2017 Commencement

» 5/22/2017 Dr. Lai's poetic and wisdom books workshop has ended. Thanks for your support and participation.

» 5/6-20/2017 Poetic & wisdom books workshop by Dr. Paul Lai

» 3/31/2017 Open enrollment for 2017 Paris and London campuses

» 3/11/2017 Dr. Tsai's crisis counseling workshop has ended. Thanks for your support and participation.

»  3/11/2017 Congratulations to the Paris campus class of 2017 graduates!

» 3/4/2017 Congratulations to the first graduating class of Madrid campus!

» 2/5/2017 Crisis counseling workshop by Pastor Mathew Tsai.

» 1/6/2017 We are excited to have the New Zealand campus joining the GETS Seminary. Open enrollment for the new campus!

» 2016/2017 Our main building is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017

»  Welcome Dr., Rose Xie, Dr. Ming Sun Pu, and Dr. Lin Yu Sheng to our faculty

» Employment opportunities

Other News & Events
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