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  News & EventsNews & Events  Email: info@mygets.orgEmail: info@mygets.org412 E Rowland St., Covina, CA 91723-2743
Phone contact: 626-339-4288Phone contact: 626-339-4288


President Office

I. Chen, Ph. D.


Phone: 1(626) 339-4288

Email: president@mygets.org

L. Pan, D.Min.

Vice President

Email: vice-president@mygets.org

David Hsu

Vice President

Email: ccdhsu@mygets.org

Regional Campuses

Ling-Yu Kao

Executive Director of Paris Campus

Phone: 33(0) 6-6969-1888(C)

Email: lingyukao1378@hotmail.com

Joe Tam

Executive Director of London

Phone: 44(0)7952-882-746(C)

Email: getsuk07@gmail.com

Jefferson Lu

Executive Director of Australia Campus

Phone: 6(0)490-350-737  

Email: jefferson@mygets.org

Peter Shen

Executive Director of New Zealand Campus

Email: ckpshen@gmail.com











Kurt Teng

Associate Academic Dean

Director of D.Min. Program

Phone: 1(626)339-4288

Email: dean@mygets.org

Email: dmin@mygets.org

E. Lee, Ph. D.

Director of Ph.D. Program/Professor

Email: phd@mygets.org

E. Lo, Ph. D.

Director of Th.M. Program/Professor

Email: thm@mygets.org

Jaime Chan

Curriculum Coordinator

Phone: 1(626)339-4288

Email: jaime@mygets.org

Duo Li

Registrar Specialist

Phone: 1(626)339-4288

Email: tingting@mygets.org


Grace Hsu

Administrative Director

Phone: 1(626) 339-4288

Email: grace@mygets.org

Juana Nip

Accounting, Hr

Phone: 1(626) 339-4288

Email: accounting@mygets.org

Email: hr@mygets.org


Email: website@mygets.org



Email: library@mygets.org

Update: 2019-04-25

News & Events

» 5/20/2019 Expository Preaching Workshop by Dr. Ezekiel Lo

» 5/18/2019 Commencement

» 5/06/2019 Expository Preaching Workshop by Dr. Ezekiel Lo

» 5/04/2019 OT553 Studies in the Minor Prophets class by Dr. Sarah Zhang

» 4/29/2019 Expository Preaching Workshop by Dr. Ezekiel Lo

» 3/30/2019 NT512 Studies in the Synoptic Gospels class by C.P. Mak

» 2/09/2019 TC511 Christianity & Chinese Culture class by Dr. Edwin Lee

» Employment opportunities

Other News & Events
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