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2015 major ministry
  • 2015-01
    1. Asia Theological Association Re-accreditation:Once every five year re-accredited issue. Associate Dean, Dr. Road, and Assistant Dean, Rev. Lo, currently in preparation.
    2. South Africa Campus:SA campus has just started, is currently active with the local church unity and cooperation, looking forward to the sounded future development.
    3. The New Office:Public hearings will be conducted by the end of January. If pass, we will begin for renovation and relocation.
    4. Team for advancement and public networking:The development matter of the seminary needed to be strengthened, hoping to find a suitable candidate to reinforce the team.
    5. On-line Learning Program:The program promotion started last year. There are a number of full-time teachers who are undergone the recording progress for the new curriculum.
2014 major ministry
  1. Base purchase:For the expansion of the administrative office and the theological research center, we are in dire need of a new building. Not long ago, a site located in Covina, previous YMCA was on sale. We passed with each other to negotiate an agreement with 1.5M, but still approved by the local public hearings, public hearings are expected by the end of January. The real estate 1.25 acres, there are 40 parking spaces on the ground there are three buildings, a total of twelve thousand thousand feet. If a smooth transaction, expected to make one million renovation and decoration, and increased use of the area six thousand feet. Please Pray!
  2. New Campus Development:The South Africa Campus started since July this year, so far, been active recruitment, interviews and entrance exams, classes will begin 1/10.
  3. On-line Learning Program:This year began with a network of teaching institutions now Several full-time teacher for the new network programs for recording. Expected in the near future, to introduce more courses for students learning theology.
  4. Existing campus trends:The new campus in Asia (classes) has five; France in February next year to open the fourth; the UK began January 3rd.
2013 prayer request
  • 2013/09/04
    1. Fundraising need: Vice-President Xu will travel to Asia in the next few days and meet some entrepreneur for fundraising need. May the Lord be with Rev. Xu and open the doors for our fundraising needs.
    2. Fundraising opportunity in Asia: The academic meeting has concluded successfully. Under the Lord's leading, some church leaders are open for GETS to have fundraising opportunity in their churches. Please continue to pray for the fundraising opportunities in Asia.
  • 2013/08/21
    1. Academic meeting in Asia: We will soon start an academic meeting in Asia, discussing for the future administration and prospect. Please pray for the coworkers' safety and health.
  • 2013/08/14
    1. ATA conference: On behalf of the school, Dr. E. Lee and Rev. Priscilla attend the conference of Asia Theological Association in August. Please pray for their travel safety and health.
    2. Academic curriculum: Currently many teachers are lectured in regional campuses. Please pray for trip safety and physical strength.
    3. SD campus enrollment: The school is preparing the enrollment of San Diego campus. We pray that the Lord will open a door in this area.
    4. Members of the Body: The father of Dr. E. Lee recently has a heart attack and stroke, and he needs to transfer to a public hospital. Please mention of them and their family in your prayer.
  • 2013/08/01
    1. Promotion of ministerial work in Europe and Asia: The school continues to its educational ministry in France and Spain. We pray that God will lead us with the coworkers, the members of the local churches, and of the theological institute together to nurture more pastoral members for expanding the field of theological education among the churches.
  • 2013/03/06
    1. LIBRARY FUNDS: For the reading requirement for Th.M. and D.Min. courses, the school will need to set up a reference room/ library at each respective regional campuses. Our goal is 20,000 Chinese books and 20,000 English book. We approximate the fundraising need will be US$250,000.
2012 prayer request
  • 2012/12/09
    1. 2013 FUNDRAISING: GETS aims to nurture the theological educators and pastors in Europe and Asia. We pray that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of many people that this need will be full of abundant blessing. The school's 2013 fundraising goal is US$2,937,000.
2010 prayer request
  • 2010/03/05
    1. Restructuring Expansion and Development of GETS: After the restructuring expansion, GETS Theological Seminary is able to centralize precious and limited resources to enhance the quality of the students as well as the education offered. The seminary is progressing towards more advanced and professional accreditation and degree programs. With an excellent yet humble teaching faculty, a "God's Kingdom" mindset, non-tranditional, innovative methods, and an effective and proactive participation in ministry and student life, the seminary continues to train ministers and believers.
      In 2010, full-time faculty in the seminary includes four members with a Ph.D. degree, two with a Th.M. degree, one with a D.Min. degree, one with a M.Div. degree, and two with a M.A. degree. The faculty team is still growing and expanding.
    2. Needs of Members: Please pray for sister Frances Wu, wife of Chairman Robin Yiu. Sister Frances was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Please pray for her to have peace and joy during sickness and to experience the healing power of the Holy Spirit.
      We believe God is the Lord of life; He cares for His children, gives peace to them, and also has the power to heal them. Let us experience God's mighty work with sister Frances. We pray for the cancer cells to be controlled and not spread, and not only to receive complete healing, but also to have hope during this ordeal. As apostle Paul said, "May the God of hope fill you witha ll joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." (Romans 15:13)
    3. Accreditation Process: GETS Theological Seminary is currently participate in the accreditation process of Asia Theological Assocaition (ATA). ATA personnel had visited the GETS office during October 2010, and had approved the seminary status. Please pray for the seminary to become a full ATA member. Promotion of ministry in Europe & Asia
    4. Class enrollment: The enrollment of new class term in London and Rome campus has began. Please pray that more students will be touched and joined the ministry work for God's Kingdom.

Update: 2015-01-22

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» 5/6-20/2017 Poetic & wisdom books workshop by Dr. Paul Lai

» 3/31/2017 Open enrollment for 2017 Paris and London campuses

» 3/11/2017 Dr. Tsai's crisis counseling workshop has ended. Thanks for your support and participation.

»  3/11/2017 Congratulations to the Paris campus class of 2017 graduates!

» 3/4/2017 Congratulations to the first graduating class of Madrid campus!

» 2/5/2017 Crisis counseling workshop by Pastor Mathew Tsai.

» 1/6/2017 We are excited to have the New Zealand campus joining the GETS Seminary. Open enrollment for the new campus!

» 2016/2017 Our main building is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017

»  Welcome Dr., Rose Xie, Dr. Ming Sun Pu, and Dr. Lin Yu Sheng to our faculty

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