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Giving Support

Develop Ministers

To develop and support a full-time minister
for completing two years of theological education,
it only takes three thousand dollars.

Are you willing to participate in this investment?
How many ministers are you willing to support?

Reduce Capital Gain Tax

Donate stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estates, life insurance,
charitable trust, or a will.
Donation can reduce your capital gain tax.
Donate of high value assets can result in an exemption in capital gain tax.

*Note: GETS Theological Seminary has tax-exemption status given by the United States IRS. For donors in Taiwan, please contact Pastor Linda Pan(linda@mygets.org) from Taiwan Mission Center for more information.

Memorial for Friends and Family Members

You can participate in the establishment of a seminary by donating in the name of your deceased friends or family members as a way of dedication and remembrance.

Matching Gift Program

Many U.S. based companies (including public, private, and government entities) have programs encouraging employees to donate to charitable organizations. According to the amount donated by the employee, the company will match or double the amount in donation to the organization selected by the employee.

If you wish to multiply the blessing of your giving, please contact the human resource department of your company and find out the availability of such a program. May God be pleased with what we offer and pour down extra grace and blessing.

Giving Methods

Type of Giving

Building Partner

How many seminary building projects will a person encounter during a lifetime?
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in the establishment of GETS Theological Seminary. Your giving will help to establish a solid foundation for future seminary development.
Amount: US $100,000 or above

Restructuring Expansion Fund

Empower the seminary to have a smooth transition for restructuring expansion, thus to advance and fulfill the calling and mission given by God.
Amount: US $50,000

Core Partner

One who has a burden for theological education, identifies with the vision of the seminary, and is willing to particiapte in promoting in the semianry ministries.
Amount: US $10,000

Headwater Plan Partner

One who has a burden for theological education to support one studnets in completing a three-year theological degree.
Amount: US $1,000 each year, for three years (1 unit)

Giving Methods

News & Events

» 12/8/2018 Studies in Romans class by Rev. David Hsu

» 11/17/2018 Biblical Theology class by Dr. Ezekiel Lo

» 10/27/2018 Theological Research Method class by Dr. Joyce Chen

» 9/29/2018 Old Testament Studies class by Dr. Sarah Zhang

» 9/1/2018 Studies in Revelation class by Ezekiel Lo

» 6/16/2018 Systematic Theology I class by Dr. Edwin Lee

» 6/2/2018 Commencement

» 5/22/2018 Spiritual Theology class by Dr. Heather Cheng

» 4/21/2018 Spiritual Theology class by Dr. Sarah Zhang

» 3/3/2018 Spiritual Theology class by Joyce Chen

» 2/3/2018 Studies in Hebrews class by Dr. Kurt Teng

» 1/1/2018 Happy New year!

» 11/4/2017 New Testament Theology class by David Hsu

» 10/3/2017 Perspectives and Leadership Class by Dr. Issac Chen

» 9/16/2017 Studies in the Historical Books Class by Dr. Sarah Zhang

» 9/11/2017 Dr. Edmond Pi's Understanding Mental Health and Mental Disorders workshop has ended. Thanks for your support and participation.

» 9/9/2017 Dr Edmond Pi's Understanding Mental Health and Mental Disorders workshop

» 6/3/2017 Commencement

» 5/22/2017 Dr. Lai's poetic and wisdom books workshop has ended. Thanks for your support and participation.

» 5/6-20/2017 Poetic & wisdom books workshop by Dr. Paul Lai

» 3/31/2017 Open enrollment for 2017 Paris and London campuses

» 3/11/2017 Dr. Tsai's crisis counseling workshop has ended. Thanks for your support and participation.

»  3/11/2017 Congratulations to the Paris campus class of 2017 graduates!

» 3/4/2017 Congratulations to the first graduating class of Madrid campus!

» 2/5/2017 Crisis counseling workshop by Pastor Mathew Tsai.

» 1/6/2017 We are excited to have the New Zealand campus joining the GETS Seminary. Open enrollment for the new campus!

» 2016/2017 Our main building is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017

»  Welcome Dr., Rose Xie, Dr. Ming Sun Pu, and Dr. Lin Yu Sheng to our faculty

» Employment opportunities

Other News & Events
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