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Open Enrollment: Class III

New Class Begin!!

Enrollment of the third class term in Paris campus has begun!!
If interested, please contact GETS Paris campus for registration:

Consultant/Minister Ling-Yu Kao lingyukao@hotmail.com
Minister Summi Chan chansummi@yahoo.fr

The first course will start in September 2009.
The course, which title as "Leadership development and growth", are lectured by Dr. Daniel Sher.

Pictures from the opening ceremony 

Paris III commencement 01 Paris III commencement 02 Paris III commencement 03 Paris III commencement 04 Paris III commencement 05 Paris III commencement 06

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Graduation: Class II, 2010

FranceII Graduation

Report on graduation ceremony -- excerpt from Paris regional campus graduation special edition

May 13, 2010 (Thursday) was the memorial day for the ascended Lord, it also happened to be a holiday in France. Over two thousand years ago, disciples gathered in Jerusalem, receiving the Great Commission and witnessing Lord Jesus being taken up into heaven. Two thousand years later, many saints gathered together in Evangelical Church of the Chinese in Paris (Eglise Evangelique Des Chinois A Paris), once again witnessing the glory of Lord Jesus Christ.

Not many people normally came to church on Thursday. However, on this Thursday, the door was wide open by 12pm with coworkers arriving to make the final preparation for the 3pm graduation. From flowers to refreshment, from decoration to audio/video setup, everyone dutifully took their place. By 1:30pm, the main characters of this ceremony--the second class term graduates--have arrived. Not only did everyone dressed for the occasion, there were big smiles on every face. All the hard work put in during the last three years were all recompensed in today’s celebration. The hall was filled with people even before 2pm. With the amount of people standing on the aisles both up and down stairs, even the photographers had a hard time moving around capturing the special moment.

The mood changed from casual to solemn as soon as the ceremony announcement began. With the music playing the hymn “To God Be the Glory”, graduates began their entrance leading by President Isaac Chen, Dean Daniel Sher, and Reverend David Hsu. The emotion of the graduates is indescribable, just like the bride entering into the banquet of the Lamb. To some, it was even more joyful than their own wedding ceremony. Praise God, many pastors and faculties shared words of encouragements with the graduates. It was a moment of praising the glory of Christ.

The most exciting yet nerve-wrecking time has come; it was the time everyone has waited for -- the time to pass out the diploma. First, it was 7 graduates receiving their certificates. Then there were 20 graduates receiving diploma of pastoral studies, followed by 5 graduates receiving bachelor’s degree, finally 7 graduates receiving master’s degree and were hooded on stage. The applause was nonstop and the excitement continued to build up. The crowd even exclaimed and screamed when the first Master’s graduate was being hooded. All the camara flashes uninterruptedly for it was the climax of the entire ceremony.

There are many memorable moments in life: when parents drop their children off to college, when the pastors pray for blessing at weddings, when the first child was born.... As for the graduates, this memorable moment represented the time when they are sent by the King of kings and Lord of lords; their task was to go into the field to serve and to minister. This was a beautiful moment and could not to be taken lightly. With all the graduates kneeling before God, Reverend David Hsu led them to dedicate their life to serve the Triune God; to be sent out by Jesus Christ and to be workers of God’s Kingdom.

Let us testify for all these graduates and give them blessings as they step unto their journey of warfare.

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Graduation ceremony program (Click to view)

Congratulatory words from the teachers -- excerpt from Paris regional campus graduation special edition 

Speech by President Chung-Shen Wong from Chinese Biblical Seminary in Europe

I want to thank God for the entire Paris church body. For many years, I have heard that there are many churches in Paris yet they do not interact with one another. It is similar to the story when Lord Jesus met the Samaritan woman and asked her for water to drink, she said, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” The Bible includes an explanation saying: For Jews do not associate with Samaritans. Perhaps in the past few years, many churches do not have interactions with one another. One may be a Baptist church, another may a Christian Alliance Church; therefore, each would do their own works and ministries. However, today is different. GETS has done a great thing. People from different churches gather together in one classroom, all the coworkers become fellow classmates. Since they are now classmates, the relationship is different. There is a Chinese saying that goes like this: "If you have a relationship, everything is okay." It will be much easier for churches to interact in the future, especially for the common purpose and direction of church ministries in Paris. Perhaps churches can have combine evangelistic conferences, large gatherings where all can serve together with one heart. What a great blessing this is to the churches in Paris! I want to encourage these 39 graduates to unite together and increase the impact and effectiveness of the ministry they will do.

Note: This is only the abstract from the original article. To read the entire article, please visit E-Newsletter Paris Campus Graduation Special Edition.

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Speech by Academic Dean Daniel Sher -- Offer Up with Thanksgiving

The weather in Paris during mid-May is somewhat overcast with some drizzle; it is still under the influence of burn ashes from Iceland volcano. Despite the circumstances, Paris regional campus second-class-term graduates are still full of excitement and passion. Through all the preparation for the ceremony, we are steps away from the climax of graduation. The arrival of faculty and guests from far away adds another layer of joy and anticipation.

Graduates from this class come from various Chinese churches in the Large Paris region. Through the course of learning, they interact and connect with one another, which in terms also enhance the interaction among the churches they are from. The place where they learn becomes a platform for churches in Paris to be connected. On top of it, the ministry performed by the first-class-term graduates also helps to turn the page for the future cross-church ministries in Paris.

Between these two classes of graduates in the past, there are three sets of couples where spouses graduated back to back. There are also three sets of couples where spouses graduated in the same class.... The key reason is many spouses experienced life transformation through learning first hand; they realized the value of theological education. When people truly understand the truth, there will be changes and renewals. After these eleven couples being equipped, the influence resulting from their ministry is great. This will be a great blessing for God’s kingdom and for the Paris region.

Our God is the God who does wonders. This is also our testimonies during the course of this graduation. By the work of God, we believe it is not an accident that God is raising up GETS to participate in the ministry in Europe. GETS has completed the enrollment for its Third Class Term in Paris. May GETS continue to be a tool in God’s hand to train more workers for God’s Kingdom. Through these workers, may God’s work be revealed and magnified not just in Paris, but also in all France, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Note: This is only the abstract from the original article. To read the entire article, please visit E-Newsletter Paris Campus Graduation Special Edition.

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FranceII Graduation

Encouraged words from the current graduates -- excerpt from Paris campus graduation report special edition

Speech by Graduate Zi-Meng Liu

By God‘s grace, I could receive theological training through in Paris regional campus of Genesis Theological Seminary. Classes were offered both during the afternoon and evening sessions where students were able to select freely. With this method of class arrangement, it brought much convenience to those of us who are working. Due to the schedule flexibility, I was able to be equipped.

There were lots of sacrifices made during this three-year span, at the same time I received much more in return. Preaching was a part of my church internship elective course. Compare with three years earlier, there was a huge difference in improvement. I was also more comfortable with church administration. More importantly, my spiritual life has been elevated to a new level; there was a passion and great joy when serving in church, this life transformation also impacts my entire family. I had four children, even with their busy schoolwork they were willing to participate in church choir, serving in children’s Sunday school and fellowship on the Lord's day. Another thing I must mentioned was the fact that my wife has decided to enroll in seminary during the next class term.

I am willing to offer up my life and my family to God, allowing Him to be in control. I am also willing to offer up my business to partner with God. It is not because I am able, but because God is able. All glory belongs to God.

Note: This is only the abstract from the original article. To read the entire article, please visit E-Newsletter Paris Campus Graduation Special Edition.

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Speech by representative of Master program graduate, Schaur Jun

I want to thank all the pastors in Paris for giving us, students, opportunities to intern in churches; for guiding us and allowing us to apply what we have learned in classrooms to real life ministries in areas of preaching, fellowship, and cell groups. Even though we are just novices, but you continue to encourage and pray for us. May God bless your broad heart. Regardless of all the troubles we make, you still give us many opportunities to serve.

God’s blessing far exceeds my imagination. During these three years, God allowed me to learn pastoral management through serving. I have learned many things in it: love, forgiveness, understanding, pay attention to details, wisdom, patience, bear with others when they do not return emails, call them instead; more services bring out more training, at the same time bring out more joy. Therefore, I want to give all the honor and glory to our God!

Note: This is only the abstract from the original article. To read the entire article, please visit E-Newsletter Paris Campus Graduation Special Edition.

eNews 2010 issue no. 3-- Paris regional campus graduation special edition

This issue included the special graduation report such as, encouragement from the President, sermon by the District Executive Director, congratulation from faculty, speeches by graduating student representatives, and other details. Please click to read or download.

France II Yearbook (click to view)

This yearbook has been specially made for the second-class-term graduates of Paris regional campus. Included in the yearbook are congratulation and encouragement from the President, graduation speeches from students, and a list of graduates.

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Opening ceremony: second class term

By the end of January 2008, there were a total of 84 students enrolled for the second class term in the Paris campus. We thank God for all the brothers and sisters who consecrate their precious time and effort in joining the GETS family!

May we encourage one another to serve God's Kingdom together.

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