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With faculty and students wide spread throughout the world, Global Enrichment Theological Seminary strives to develop and provide an online library system to overcome geographic challenges and to provide faculty and students easy access to online information.

EBSCO Online Database:


For seminary faculty and students only
(please obtain password from the Seminary office)

Theological Collection Directory:

WorldCat WorldCat

Search catalogs of libraries within United States

Everything Books DVDs CDs Articles

Theological Dictionary--Catholic Book Lexicon

(Chinese) Search for definitions of theological terminology


China Christian Books CCB

(Chinese) Theological books and articles with Chinese translation

Periodical Database:

Perodical Catalog Search System PIS

Search China Evangelical Seminary Library catalog


Chinese Christian Book Catalog CCBI

Search Alliance Bible Seminary Libary catalog


Dissertation Database:

RIM (Research in Ministry) RIM

Online database indexing D.Min. and D.Miss. projects


TREN (Theological Research Exchange Network) TREN

Search or purchase theological or published dissertations. Various e-docs are available for online browsing at no additional cost


UMI (University Microfilms) UMI_DE